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Corvus : showing at VIFF… I couldn’t be more proud of my husband

Do you know what it is like to have an idea, to foster that idea (into a script), to surround yourself with talent and to make that idea a reality- something tangible?  Loads of people say “one day I’ll make a movie”  or “I’ve go this great script”  but for whatever reason the idea faded to the back burner and slowly extinguished into itself.

But for some an idea does turn into something real.  And how amazing is that.  No seriously, how freaking amazing is that.  It is not easy.  It takes dedication, and commitment.  It calls for an alignment of goals, sticking to them even when the money runs out, and making decisions right for a project that may at the time appear selfish but in the long run are right for a bigger picture. Long hours, Big Decisions, No Easy Wins.

This past year or so my husband committed himself to following thru on a idea.That idea was Corvus.  Now that idea is real – And showing at Vancouver International Film Festival

Corvus –  a short film – A crime reveals itself, as a weary police detective puts together the pieces of a young woman’s murder.

Short film Produced by Mike Gill

Corvus premiered last month at the Montreal Film Festival, and this month Corvus has been chosen to partake at VIFF.   I am proud and honoured to be the producers wife.

Check out and like the Corvus Facebook Page:

It has been a long road.  Many hours of planning and discussions about the correct execution and delivery of the story with the director, DP and himself.  My husband spent countless hours wrapping his mind around this script through all stages of production.  Long days of shooting – crew members working for the love of the art, talent so taken by the script they wanted more and others contributing  via an indiegogo campaign ( for the last push in hopes of seeing a finished product. Now it is a Film Noir Short Film ready to show the world!

It is never easy being a “film” mom.  But this post is not about that.  This is about how proud I am of my husband and his achievement.  He probably doesn’t get enough praise at home because I’m too wrapped up in the day to day goings on about my own work and our family to look up.  But I want him, and the world to know how amazing this success is – I want to take a moment – for him to take a moment to take  all in – to breath in this success, his success- actually to take a few good deep breaths- success like his should feel like a wonderful crisp cool breeze waking you from a restful sleep – I am proud and consider myself very lucky to have him as a best friend.

I am honoured to be a small part (really just in a supportive role) of this beautiful, thought provoking film.  What a dream come true for my husband.  He is honestly amazing at what he does.  I LOVE to watch him at work.  There are days I miss being his coordinator. I think back to being engaged and falling deeper in love with him because I could watch him at work.  He knows equipment, how it works, and because of that how to make a film look better.  But even more than being a smart man, he walks the walk, he is respectful, honorable, and loves what he does.  He can work a room like no other – but it isn’t the stereotypical Hollywood producer type- he creates a positive energy, he will have you laughing even when behind schedule, and cares for everyone he works with. I miss being able to watch him work. He is right where he wants to be and has so much more to look forward to.

Here is the trailer for Corvus, which my husband produced:

GO TO VIFF and see it!