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First Full French Sentence

Last night was monumental! Well to me it was.  Leaving White Spot, out of the blue Little A said to me “I can speak a French Sentence Mommy.”

I was so excited to hear this from her, we placed her into a French Preschool in July.  Reports from her caregiver say that Little A’s comprehension is there and they they no longer speak any English to her.  I find this amazing, awesome and I’m  a little envious too.

We practice words and my hubby and I speak some basic french around the house so hearing a full sentence from Little A sets me into happy giggles.

She said ” Little A mange beaucoup beaucoup de soupe avec sa couillere.”

GUSH  adorable.  She then translated it as well “Little A east lots and lots of soup with her spoon.”

I think I’d better buy this cute journal :  My Quotable Kid Journal   She says so many interesting things it would be great to keep a log of them. And soon there will be two languages of awesome to track.

Little A



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Little A and I spent a few days visiting my mom and dad while my husband was also out of town promoting and celebrating his short film.

I couldn’t believe how much better my mom was doing.  She’s not 100% yet but compared to a month ago there is a huge difference, I was so relieved  and proud of her progress.

Over the weekend we did regular everyday things.  It was like winning the lottery.  We enjoyed a visit to the park, watching Little A run across a field with a kite dancing behind her.  My mom tired easily but was happy to simply watch Little A play tag with her new found friends in the playground. I was happy to be sitting beside my mom laughing and chatting on a bench in the sunshine.  Little A was happy just to be near her Nana, yelling at her to “Watch this Nana” as she climbed, jumped and ran about.

We also went to our favourite place (Hello Toast) for a latte and a treat. There happened to be a street performer across the street playing and as I sat there listening to him I became absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude for all that was good at that exact moment in my life.  My mom sat down with the drinks and I jumped out of my seat, gave her a huge hug and said ” Thank you mom, for fighting so hard to get healthy” holding back tears.

Unfortunately during her dialysis run that weekend they took off too much water and warned her she may feel ill as a result over the next few days.  The last day of our visit as predicted Nana became ill.  She spent the morning in bed and moved to the couch to spend a bit time with us before we had to drive back home.

Little A climbed up on the couch to cuddle with her Nana, understanding that Nana wasn’t feeling well. Cuddles always make Nana feel better.

Cuddling with Nana

Cuddling with Nana

It was during her cuddling that Little A noticed the dialysis catheter and asked Nana what it was.  My mom said, ” Well that is where they give me medicine to make my blood cleaner”.

Little A thought for a minute then climbed off the couch.  My mom and I watched her silently wondering what she was up to.  She went over to her Doctors kit and said ,”I need one too.”  She sifted thru her play doctors bag and found what looked the most like Nana’s catheter to her.  She put it in her shirt  adjusting it so that it was sticking out a bit and would stay in while she walked around -just like her Nana.

“Look Nana, I can have clean blood too.” she said walking back and forth between us ever so proud.

I need one too

I need one too

Wowed us with her sensitivity

Wowed us with her sensitivity

She’s wowed all of us.

During our last visit when my mom was in the hospital and heavily sedated Little A walked into her room and gently patted her hand saying “It’s ok Nana, don’t worry , everything will be Ok.  Don’t Worry”.  Guess we should have listened closer to my little 3 year old.

 Honestly – how were we so blessed to have little A in our life.

Her innocence to be so what we need.

The healing power of little ones is special.


Timid to write

I’ve been away for a while.  My mom’s been so sick.  My spare moments that were for this blogging escape were filled with so much fear,  so much worry, and being tired from their powerful grip.

I saw my mom at her weakest, my dad at his strongest and most vulnerable, and I was unsure where I was to be – up there, down her with my own family, at work, sitting on a log on the beach letting the wind whip my tear away.  Emotionally I’ve been all over the place too.  Sorry husband.

I have been lost, and scared.- Beyond scared I don’t even have a word for what I was. I went to bed early rather than face a quiet evening watching aimless tv or trying to talk about things that were too frightening to talk about. Those “quiet” evenings weren’t quiet in my brain.    I didn’t/couldn’t open my computer at home for several weeks.  It all seemed fake and forced.

I’m afraid to say it too loudly but my mom has had a good week.  Some weight is lifting off everyone’s shoulders but I’m nervous to  write to look at other parts of my life again.

family is my world

family is my world


Pickpocket – Oh No He Didn’t

It started off as a great Tuesday morning. No rain (big for this week), meeting a lovely friend and her mom for breakfast then heading to the burbs for a playdate.

Little A wanted to take her puppet “Pegasus” in her little stroller over to the restaurant which is only a couple blocks from our house. Sounded like a good idea. I couldn’t resist a quick iphoto along the way of her with her mini stroller. So I dug my phone out of the “activity bag”.

Tuesday Stroll in the hood

Tuesday Stroll in the hood

After snapping this photo I dropped my iphone back into the activity bag’s side pouch. I have a big purple bag that I take with me to restaurants and on playdates. It is frustrating when a toddler who is bored and starts to misbehave while you wait for a meal to arrive. My activity bag is usually loaded with snacks, extra clothes for accidents along with various activities to keep her busy (play doe, paint by numbers, crayons, dice etc.). Today the activity bag also included her water bottle and a full lunch (sandwich, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, fishes) for the playdate later.

Here is  the big activity bag, note the side pouch

Here is the big activity bag, note the side pouch

It was 9am so Main and Broadway was busy with pedestrians late for work or heading to Tim Hortons for their morning coffee. We were happily waiting at the corner eager to see Aunti Robyn and her mom. I was a little more aware of my surroundings because it was our first time out with Little A’s stroller – it was another thing to be concerned with my hands full and wanting to safely manoeuvre across the street.

I bent down slightly and at the same time shifted my big bag to be more behind me on my shoulder. I felt something hit it. I turned to say sorry to the person I assumed I had wacked with my mega bag (trust me it is not light). I turned around to notice MY iphone going into the inside pocket of SOME DUDE’S coat!

hey that’s my phone – my brain screamed very quickly at me. GAH! my phone!

“HEY DUDE!!!- NICE TRY BUDDY!!!” I said to this stranger as I ripped the phone from his hand. It was pure instinct there was no thought involved.

I can’t believe I just reached into this jerks coat and grabbed my iphone back – Now it just cracks me up. But then all I could think of was quickly get my phone then turn back to my daughter and make sure she wasn’t rushing out onto Broadway (thank God she knows the little red hand means do not go).

The guy didn’t put up a fight at all, he kinda smirked at me and then walked away. Yep just walked away. I didn’t yell “help thief”, or “stop”. I wanted out of the situation, more importantly I wanted to get my daughter out of that situation right away. My heart was racing – its a busy street, so much bad could have happened, this man could have pushed me onto the road, or knocked over my daughter That scared me more.

I got her across the street safely and rushed to the restaurant, of course calling my husband right away to calm my nerves, that and a boozy coffee.

I have a vague description of the guy and probably won’t recognize him if he ever walks past me again. But when I grabbed my iphone from inside his jacket I did snap a photo – I find this funny but at the same time it unsettles my stomach

 inside the suspect's jacket

inside the suspect’s jacket

So I’ll NEVER drop my phone in the outside pouch where it is easy to scoop, and realized I have the fight instinct first, although it is quickly followed by flight instinct.

I do feel a bit like a superhero crime fighter, but I’d prefer to stay in my Peter Parker/Clark Kent uniform.