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Mother/daughter journaling 

Aurora found the mother/daughter journal I wrote to my mom when I was too early in my pregnancy to tell anyone.
My pregnancy was the hardest secret I had ever kept from my mom. We are so close.  I had to let it out somehow so I just started writing notes to my mom until the 13 weeks passed and we felt comfortable telling the world.  
My mom and I wrote back and forth in the journal until Aurora was about a month old then I tucked it away as a treasure to pull out once in a while to remember the excitement and innocence of being pregnant and having a newborn.

Aurora brought the journal to me this afternoon asking if it was my diary.  Pretty big discovery for a six year old.  

We sat down and read a few inscriptions.  Then she asked if she could write something in it. Can a mother’s heart swell any bigger, I totally swooned.  This was a pure moment of wanting to connect and be part of a special secret world.  

I said yes, it would mean a lot if she wrote in the journal and that I would right back to her just as her nana and I had done.  I helped only in the spelling of the words of the two pages she wrote.  
I hope we continue writing to each other especially when I am not the centre of her world anymore.  


Seriously, one ingredient ice cream in minutes!

Oh yes I said it.  I just made ice cream in minutes, with just a small food processor.  And it is healthy!

Do you have Bananas?  Frozen Bananas?  Well then you can have creamy ice cream in minutes.

photo 3

I was so excited about this treat it has brought be back to my blog after a super long absence.  I haD barely finished inhaling this treat and jumped on my computer to share it.  I had seen “one ingredient ice cream” on Pinterest a few times so thought I’d try my luck.

The elevator pitch to make banana ice cream is this:  Take a frozen banana per person, peal them, cut them into coins, drop into a small food processor and pulse away until smooth and creamy.  You can eat it right away- kinda like soft malt ice cream or freeze it and have a colder, harder ice cream.  HOW FLIPPING EASY!

We added a teaspoon of Trader Joe’s Cookie and Cocoa Swirl once the bananas had become creamy and smooth.

photo 2

As I was jumping up and down in the kitchen i decided to add a few coconut flakes and a bit of chocolate sauce to garnish.  As you can see I couldn’t wait long enough to make it a perfect shot – I had to eat it!

photo 1



2 bananas


Peel frozen Bananas and cut into coins

Pulse them in a small food processor

Scrape the bananas down every minute with a spatula, continue pulsing.

It will go from frozen chunks, to a bit like gooey oatmeal then all of a sudden it will smooth out and become creamy – soft server ice cream style

Add any extras at this point, pulse to blend them in  and to aerate the banana ice cream a bit more.

Eat or Freeze in an air tight container to eat the next day for a more solid style ice cream.


Yep Thats it.  Now you can get creative and add other yummy things…. like a few almonds, or peanut butter, or honey, or maple syrup, or Nutella, or maybe Kahlua (ohhhh that’s my next one).  Wonder what a bit of ginger or cinnamon or cocoa, butterscotch chips… toss in anywhere from one teaspoon to a couple tablespoons depending on how your tastebuds.

I can’t wait to make this for my daughter tomorrow night.  Beats a donut any night.


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Parking Lot Safety

When you have a child you dread parking lots.  If you have more than one I bet the dread is doubled or tripled.

Picture this scenario a moment  … it may or may not have happened to me … ok whom I kidding it totally has:

Your hands are usually full or pushing a loaded shopping cart, that has one wheel not working properly causing you to continually veer left .  You are left to counter the drifting cart with your precious groceries from Costco or SuperStore by throwing your whole body behind the cart.  Your 3 year old has decided she is too big to sit in a cart and you are THAT parent yelling at your kid to “Get over here and stay beside me Now!” as she darts towards your car and you have 3 seconds where you can’t see them.   Scares the daylights out of me.

We have implemented the SAFETY SPOT   The gas tank cover now acts as the Safety Spot.

Little A knows she has to go touch the gas tank cover and CONTINUE touching this safety spot when we are near our car getting in or out.  I know exactly where she is at all times.  She touches the spot while I grab anything I need from the car before locking up.  She isn’t running round the car, or leaving when my back is turned.

What parent hasn’t accidentally bonked their child in the head with the car door because the little kid moves so fast.  Our safety spot has reduced this risk, accompanying guilt and several goose-eggs .

When we are parallel parked she can run from the park to the car and stays with her hand on the safety spot.  It isn’t that I take my eyes off her but there is now trust and a bit of independence.



Bedtime stories

My mom read my daughter a good night story, I pretended it was being read to me.

I may have asked her every night we visited saying “her granddaughter” wanted a story.

I lied it was for me. We all cuddled under blankets with little A between us. I lay against my pillow closed my eyes and listened to like I was 5 years old

Everyone needs their mommy.



My Little Wordsmith

I am always amazed how language develops in Little A. She has the cutest word right now. I just don’t want to correct her.

Yestertime is her word

Totally makes sense – it is a great blend between yesterday and one time .

Little A, “Yestertime we went on the gondola.” or “Yestertime, I lifted an elephant, I am strong.”

Wordsmith already. Whatever will she become. I love this journey.