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Mother/daughter journaling 

Aurora found the mother/daughter journal I wrote to my mom when I was too early in my pregnancy to tell anyone.
My pregnancy was the hardest secret I had ever kept from my mom. We are so close.  I had to let it out somehow so I just started writing notes to my mom until the 13 weeks passed and we felt comfortable telling the world.  
My mom and I wrote back and forth in the journal until Aurora was about a month old then I tucked it away as a treasure to pull out once in a while to remember the excitement and innocence of being pregnant and having a newborn.

Aurora brought the journal to me this afternoon asking if it was my diary.  Pretty big discovery for a six year old.  

We sat down and read a few inscriptions.  Then she asked if she could write something in it. Can a mother’s heart swell any bigger, I totally swooned.  This was a pure moment of wanting to connect and be part of a special secret world.  

I said yes, it would mean a lot if she wrote in the journal and that I would right back to her just as her nana and I had done.  I helped only in the spelling of the words of the two pages she wrote.  
I hope we continue writing to each other especially when I am not the centre of her world anymore.