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Toddler Best Pals — Watching relationships develop

As a parant you have the privilege of watching your child grow and develop into their own person.  Sure Little A is currently in the “terrible 2’s” stage but I think it is so much more than just the temper tantrums  – it is also a new stage where they begin to develop relationships with other children.

As a full time working mom I don’t get much time to do a lot of play dates on the weekends.  Now so many of my friends with kids have full weekends running to soccer, ballet or swimming on top of grocery shopping, laundry and visiting family.

Lucky us – this past weekend we had a play date with one of Little A’s friends.  Isla and Little A have known each other all their lives (hahah cracks me up) but never really did much interacting previously.

In my opinion, early infant play dates are more about mommies getting together to bond and talk about the development of their kids, the lack of sleep etc.  Their kids usually play with the toys, only noticing their playmates beside them every once in a while.  This is because at that age they can only focus at one thing at a time and out of site really is “out of site, out of mind”.

Battle of the Bounce

Battle of the Bounce


The first of many Lunch dates

Sharing Snacks .. but not hanging out yet

Sharing Snacks .. but not hanging out yet

But now in they’re 3 (Isla) and 2 1/2 (Little A). They are beginning to co-play it is absolutely entertaining to watch.

When children extend their knowledge and play experiences they move into “Associative Play”.  In this stage kids start playing together albeit in a loosey goosey fashion rather than in any organized way.

Little A is learning to play tag. Isla being a bit older knows the game well.  We spent a good part of an afternoon together at the park watching these two laugh hysterically as they chased each other all around the playground and took turns being it.

Near the end of our visit us we asked if the girls wanted to give each other hugs.  The comedy with these two never ends.   They not only hug but they hug with vigour and pizzaz! There is true passion in their friendship.  The car ride home was the loudest car ride ever, they were egging each other on on who could say silly words loudest.

An instant hug from Little A

An instant hug from Little A

Then came the love reaction from Isla

Then came the love reaction from Isla

I do believe these two will have a long friendship and continue to have many laughs for years to come.

Best of Pals for sure

Best of Pals for sure


A Single Child in the City – Never Alone

My daughter is an only child.  Everyone lately tells me she needs a sibling for her own development, so she has a friend, so she won’t be lonely.  sigh… yes I had a great childhood with my brother … but there are lots of things standing in the way of my daughter ever having a sibling.

Without going into a rant ( I”ll leave that up to my husband’s GFYS Rants on his facebook profile) lets just leave it at my daughter is a single child.  Therefore there are times when she is alone.  But does she?  At her age right now she’s never ALONE.

Take today for instance.   A full day at daycare where she played like she was part of a family complete with brothers and sisters arguing and hugging it out all the same.

What about home? Do you picture a child staring out the window begging for eye contact from a passerby.  So not our house.  Tonight she helped me with dinner (well stole veggies as I cut them up.  She played in the wading pool.  Yes that was alone  but we interacted, both of us ended up joyfully cooled down from the hot day.


Shake you bootie Dance Party’s spring up anywhere

After dinner we walked to our local “cheers’ restaurant visited with a good friend working there and the other co-workers who all know us by name.  Small chats with the ladies beside us at the bar where my daughter enjoyed a scoop of ice cream and I had a glass of wine. OH And it was our first time out with her in panties / no diaper and she went and peed in the bathroom there !!!!!   Much applause by patrons at the restaurant.  (hence the ice cream)

On the way home my husband met us and we played tag, hide and seek, and airplanes as a family.  We all had a fabulous time – laughing and being silly regardless of the buses and people rushing by.  The only alone she was – was alone in our own world of love and laughter.

Counting to ten ready or not here I come

The city allow us a multitude of environments to feel a part of many peoples lives, never alone.