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Timid to write


I’ve been away for a while.  My mom’s been so sick.  My spare moments that were for this blogging escape were filled with so much fear,  so much worry, and being tired from their powerful grip.

I saw my mom at her weakest, my dad at his strongest and most vulnerable, and I was unsure where I was to be – up there, down her with my own family, at work, sitting on a log on the beach letting the wind whip my tear away.  Emotionally I’ve been all over the place too.  Sorry husband.

I have been lost, and scared.- Beyond scared I don’t even have a word for what I was. I went to bed early rather than face a quiet evening watching aimless tv or trying to talk about things that were too frightening to talk about. Those “quiet” evenings weren’t quiet in my brain.    I didn’t/couldn’t open my computer at home for several weeks.  It all seemed fake and forced.

I’m afraid to say it too loudly but my mom has had a good week.  Some weight is lifting off everyone’s shoulders but I’m nervous to  write to look at other parts of my life again.

family is my world

family is my world


Author: alwayscomeback

Mom of one daughter, always looking for activities and things to do in Vancouver with my family. Check out F.A.B on facebook too

4 thoughts on “Timid to write

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been there.

  2. You are stronger than you know- xox

  3. Oh honey, just take care of yourself and your family.

  4. Sending you hugs and lots of positive energy and love.

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