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The Face of a Migraine

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I have struggled with Labyrinthitis  for a long time. I get dizzy spells where I feel like I’m on a boat or maybe in an earthquake.  I get noise sensitive and confused.  It’s frustrating.  I don’t respond to the one recommended medication.  My last episode had me at the doctor yet again but wanting a new look at my symptoms.

I’ll relive my last event.

– Come out of an elevator, try to put on my daughter’s jacket before going outside and I’m hit with a wave around me.  I grab the chair to steady myself, was this the big earthquake hitting Vancouver, did anyone else feel that.  NOPE just me.

– I take a deep breath and head across the street, we are meeting my husband for dinner.

– Noise sensitivity starts up pretty fast.  A glass being set on a table feels like its smashing against my head, my daughters chitter chatter is gouging into my face, my husbands simple questions like what to order for my daughter become blunt arrows attempting to pierce my eyes.

– Comprehension weakens -I can’t find words to answer questions like would you like tea or coffee, the ability to make the decision is impossible at that moment. I lose words – I want to say glass of water but can’t think of the right term for a container that holds water

– I am frustrated and try to act like I’m ok, but I’m squinting and my shoulder are squeezing up to my ears.  I’m  not OK. and its obvious.

This is not Labyrinthitis.  This is an Atypical Migraine and I’m having one tonight.  It’s not huge -about a 6 out of 10. Forgive me if this post has errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation but I wanted to get it out.

This is the face of a migraine, my migraine.

The face of my migraine

The face of my migraine

I’m sitting in the dark, the computer brightness as low as possible, no noise.  My neck hurts, my head hurts, my lips are pressed tight together, my hair is frazzled, my one eye is being lazy, I don’t feel I can hold my head straight.

Now I’ll go take some medication and sleep it off.


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