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Happy 60th Birthday – Little things to make the party unique


My mom and I are the best of friends and it was her 60th birthday this month.  My brother and I wanted to throw her a special party filled with love and little touches to make her happy.  It was amazingly hard to keep it a secret from her.  I’m the kind of person who gets super excited and wants to dance gangnam style over fun ideas.  But this was a surprise party.

After calming myself down and putting aside what “I” would like in a party; I came across a couple ideas that would speak for themselves and would be meaningful to my  mom.  My mom is an outdoor lover.  She loves hiking, walking, cross country skiing and being out in the sun.  She is also an amazing woman who has survived cancer more times than anyone should be allotted in life.

Life and Nature floated around my brain.

Idea #1 – Trail mix bar

My mom is always nibbling on trail mix .  You can always find – almonds, craisins  close at hand when my mom is around.

Trail Mix Bar

I found some clean white bowls to serve a variety of individual trail mix options.  I paired the bowls with some large white spoons for scooping.

What to serve trail mix in?  I took brown lunch bags and cut them down with some squiggly scissors.  Then I hand stamped them with some birthday themes and some cute flowers.    Everyone could pick and choose their own amounts of pretzels, almonds, sunflower seeds, wasabi peas, teddy grahams, mini marshmallows, dried apricots etc.

Individual Trail Mix Bags

Idea #2 – Tree of Life/Love

My brother and I worked together to create a memorable guest book and Tree of Life.  A friend drew a beautiful tree with bare branches.  As guests arrived we asked each of them to add a “leaf”  with their thumbprint and then to do the same in the guestbook with a wish or happy birthday comment.

Tree of Life and Love

Thumb Print Stamping

The party was a great surprise and my brother and I even managed to surprise my dad with a dear friends traveling from Ontario to attend the party that he didn’t even know were invited.

Just a couple touches we hoped would make the evening unique and special.

Happy Birthday Mom with lots of love from your kids and grandkids to you!


Author: alwayscomeback

Mom of one daughter, always looking for activities and things to do in Vancouver with my family. Check out F.A.B on facebook too

8 thoughts on “Happy 60th Birthday – Little things to make the party unique

  1. What a beautiful mom-daughter relationship 🙂 Your mom must have been extremely touched by your thoughts and actions xx

  2. Wow Marilyn This brought tears to my eyes.What wonderful children you have .This is a true testment to what a wonderful mother and parent you are .I wished you lived closer so that we could rekindle the relationship we had a kids ,I think of you often.All the best foe 2013 LOL Nadine

    • Thanks Nadine. My mom is a great person who always put us first as kids and now gets to enjoy her grand kids and spoil them

    • Thank You Nadine ,I do have a wonderful family and I love them dearly . It would be nice to rekindle our relationship I have alwasy had such happy thought when I think back to us ,we were quite a pair ,At least we have facebook for now and one day i will be back in your area as we both still have family around there .till then my friend see you on facebook

  3. WOW!!! 60???? Where has all the time gone? I remember when I was very young, how beautiful I thought your Mom was. I thought she looked like a movie star. You are very lucky to have such a great Mom and by reading your Blog you can tell that all the things she has taught you are guiding you as a Mother. I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marilyn, Love your niece ALWAYS, Angel

  4. OMG, did not realize your mom was 60, you tell her she looks fabulous!! Wish her the best and I know she had a GREAT Birthday just by reading this. You cannot ask for anything more than the love of a good family and friends. Your mom has been blessed with both. I have always thought she was a courageous and strong woman and I am truly happy for her. Give her a big hug and kiss from me. The apple does not fall far from the tree, you to, are beautiful and full of love just like your mom!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARILYN and cheers to a great year ahead!!!!! Love Kim. XOXO 🙂

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