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recognizing being good in oneself

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Its been a particularly trying week of unkind words, throwing food and uncooperative behavior.  We both sat Little A down and had conversations about how words hurt and make “even” adults sad.  My husband had the conversation alone with Little A over dinner last night and I had my conversation while reading books this morning.

You never know what sticks in a two year old’s mind.

Fast forward to going to the “muffin store” and me asking her to sit on her bum and not climb on the furniture at the coffee shop.  She turns around on the chair and sits down.

A flash, a sparkle hits her eyes and she smiles grandly  “I listen mommy,  I good”  she proudly states.

Yes she is good.  Bit by bit it will sink in.  We are doing “good”.


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Mom of one daughter, always looking for activities and things to do in Vancouver with my family. Check out F.A.B on facebook too

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