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My First Craft Post…Pumpkins, Letters and Learning

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I am not crafty.  I so want to be but when I try things they look like a 2 year old did them.  Which right now is great because Little A (my daughter) is 2.5 yrs.  So there’s a bit less pressure to get it perfect.  Her imagination more than makes up for my lack of talent.  My chalk markings become dinosaurs and giraffes- bless her little soul!

But having a two year old means you need to do crafts and projects.  So I try to let go of my need for perfection the first time and off I go to find something easy, crafty and Halloweenish.

My first craft attempt was a bust.  I wanted to make hand spiders like these I found on Pinterest-

Finger Spider Craft

How hard can they be, really, it is a hand print and some google eyes.

First lesson about Craft Club

1.  Crafts only work if your child wants to do them

That day she wanted to use a brush on the paper, NO FINGER Painting.  Ahhh well.  I’m not craft savvy to think on my feet so a regular painting session it was to be and back to the itnerwebs I would go later.  (Ha ha punnny, spiders, interwebs haha)

During the week Little A received a parcel from Nana… some felt letter stickers. And The Imagination Tree  (fantastic blog) had a great halloween pumpkin craft so I dove in to try it.

The Great Alphabet Pumkin

You need:

1 pumpkin                      check                 We had our pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, Little A picked it out on her own this year

1 pack of felt letters      check                Thanks Nana

Little A chose her own pumpkin and was so proud of it

We sat down on the floor with our Great Pumpkin and the letters.  I explained we were going to look at each letter, sound the letter out , pick words that started with that letter and then put them on the pumpkin.  Both of us were very excited.

I pulled out the first letter ” B”

Me: “This is the letter B… It has a long line and two little bumps on it.  It sounds like ..b..b..b..   What words start with the letter B..b..b…b…?”

Little A :  “I don’t know.” (smiling and tilting her head in interest)

Me:  “B..b…b…b.. BEAR”

Little A:  “Bear!  Ahhhahhahha”   (note: said with a 2 yr old “accent” like she was from Boston)

She thought this was pretty funny.  I handed the letter to her to peal the backing off and put anywhere on the pumpkin.

We continued picking up letters, looking at how they were shaped, sounding them out and then picking a word to go with the letter

“H- two lines and one little line half way to connect them.. h…h…h…. HIPPO, HORSE ” – Giggles and guffawing

“V- one line on an angle going down and one line going up…v…v…v ….VACCUUM”  – Again loads of laughter.

There was much thought put into the placement of each letter.  She rolled the pumpkin around finding the best spot for each letter, some she wanted close to other letters, some she wanted to stand alone some she chose to put on upside down.

B - b..b...b.. BEAR!

We did this project earlier in the week and the letter obsession is now in full swing.  She is often asking what does this or that start with. We have letters on the fridge and she is naming the letters and asking to replicate the sound.  The animal magnets have now become part of the learning.  “What does zebra start with?”  and so on.

By the time Halloween rolls around I’m hoping the pumpkin will be loaded with letters, its a fun activity to come back to every couple days. Depending on attention span this could be done on the kitchen floor while you are prepping for dinner too.

Its very exciting to see her recognize the alphabet and new synapse sparks happening.  Little brains are amazing.

The  Great Lettered Pumpkin now sits beside  Captain Turkey she made at daycare.


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