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Pumpkin Time: make hay while the sun shines


Wasn’t the the start of Fall fantastic!  We had warm temperatures and sunny days.  Perfect for the pumpkin patch.

This year we chose the closest pumpkin patch possible, because we are still in potty training mode and I didn’t want to venture too far in the car and risk an accident.

We went to Southlands Heritage Farm

So much to see at Southlands Heritage Farm

With four kids under 4 years Southlands it was not too big, not too small but juuusssst right for our mid morning adventure. We gathered our troops and ventured over to the barn to visit the horses.

This horse was so friendly…”A” was giddy meeting him

The girls loved the horses, they talked about their colours,  if the horses were hungry, and which horses were happy and which were not.  I’m rather nervous around horses so I did’t let them get to close to A, but one of the horses was gentle and friendly so I took a step back and watched.

It was time to go to the apple orchard to find the perfect pumpkin.  A and her little pals Isla, Sydney skipped along thru a path finding the loose chickens and looking for bunnies.  Brixton stayed close to his mommy, being a little shy at first.

Brixton watched the girls play but soon enough warmed up and joined in the fun

Isla and A have been friends since A was born.  This was the first time they truly played and interacted. I loved the way Isla would call for Roara (adorable).  They took turns climbing the trees and playing games like jump off the stump, twirl the sign and other adventure games I couldn’t quite hear.  We adults had actual conversations that is when I wasn’t chasing the kids with my camera.

My turn to jump this fancy move

And then we win ! That’s what it says

Climbing Trees

So many cute moments in this quiet little apple orchard.  We were the only ones there.  The girls decided to make a pile of broken “celery” for the bunnies (do they even have bunnies there, I’m not sure but I wasn’t about to ruin their fun).  One by one they broke the weeds up and left a pile so the bunnies could eat.   They were concerned for little animals they didn’t even see that day, nature lovers.

This is for the bunnies

The kids got to hunt for their own best pumpkin to take home.  The little explorers examined pumpkins: some were too big, some weren’t round enough and some were just not right. This was serious business.

Pumkin Hunting

Isla, Sydney and A proudly posed with their new perfect treasure, each happy with their choices.

Queens of Pumpkin Land

We finished our trip to Southlands Heritage Farm with some playtime in the Straw Pile.  Everyone got into the act of throwing hay high in the air and letting it fall down all over them.  I could do a flip book I took so many quick shutter shots.  Being still new to blogging I’m not sure how to do a collage of photos so I can only post a couple.

Brixton figured out how to get in the straw game

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

The day was fantastic.  They all shared and played well together, had imaginary adventures and the sun shone down on us in more ways than one.


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2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Time: make hay while the sun shines

  1. Love the hay pictures! I might have to borrow this photo op when we take the babies to the patch 🙂

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