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Easy Nutritions in No Time at all…That’s My Style

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I’m thinking this could become a reoccurring title for blog posts for me.

I work full time, and would rather spend my couple hours in the evening at the a park playing and watching my daughter enjoy herself… especially with the warm weather.

I’m also not a planner.  I’ve attempted to do weekly dinner lists but that never lasts more than a couple weeks.  They are fantastic ideas and make good use of the fresh food you have because everything is thought out before buying.  Saves money too.   But I’m not consistent.

I’m always on the hunt for fast and nutritious food for my daughter.

How about Strawberry Milk?

There are some nutritionally poor milk products out there.  Have you ever look at the nutritional factors of flavored milk.  I watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and was dumbfounded at the amount of sugar found in flavored milk which is served twice a day to kids. (yes an American school) but it got me thinking.

So I went to the Food Facts website to have a look at Nestle’s Nesquik Strawberry Milk – it received an F  that’s right an F!  and here is why:

  1. Serving Size: 1 Cup
  2. Servings Per Container: 2   (sneaky cause what kid would only drink half a bottle??)
  3. Amount Per Serving  Calories 230    Calories from Fat 70
  4. Total Calories 460      Total Calories from Fat 140
  5. Total Fat 7 g    11%
  6. Saturated Fat   5g 25%
  7. Sodium 115 mg  5%
  8. Potassium mg0%3,500 mg
  9. Sugars 30 g
  10. Not to mention the artificial like: Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Citrate, Blue 1, Carrageenan, Red 40

(for the full review by Food Facts:

So why not make your own.  Seriously it is so easy.  We are lucky to have berries in season right now.  The ones from the local farms are bursting with flavor.  Best Organic around, but I’d use frozen berries in the winter time too.

In Jamie Oliver fashion I didn’t measure anything, and you can have your little one help. Three simple ingredients  no preservatives, nothing to keep it on a shelf for years and years.  Just fresh and yummy.

Strawberry Milk Recipe


  • Some milk (1-2 cups milk) – Any kind of milk you use : almond, soy, rice, 2%
  • A handful or two of strawberries, rinsed, stems removed -I halved them
  • 1 to 3 Tbsp honey or agave syrup


  • Drop them all into a blender, mix until strawberries are fully blended with the milk and serve!
  • If it a fancy day as my daughter likes to call them a dollop of whipping cream on top  adds pizzazz!

As you can see my daughter loved it, she even shared a little sip with me.


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