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The North Shore .. a road trip of sorts


My daughter and I had a sleepover recently.  A road trip … of sorts… Over to the North Shore that is.  Ok so its not far but going to her Godparents is always an adventure with a bit of fantasy because they have a back yard!

Her godmother , a great friend of ours is an amazzzziiiiinnnnnnggggg chef.  At their home, you’d never know my daughter can be somewhat picky with what she eats.  But at Aunti Laura’s my daughter will eat anything.  Off they go into the garden to pick lettuce, and A munches on lettuce as she picks.  Homemade raviolli, fresh salad, bbq ribs and don’t get me started on desserts. No one can compare. NO ONE.

We all decided to check out the Lonsdale Night Market.  It runs Friday nights 5-midnight. We listened to some live music that for once was enjoyable and not screaming loud.  The market had a lovely community feel, not super crowded and I felt comfortable letting my 2yr old walk a few paces a head of me.  She found this awesome vendor who let kids color on their truck…on purpose.. and not get into trouble.  How great is that for a kid.

What I can color on this truck and not get into trouble

We all had a great evening,  Aurora wore Ottie (their lovable kissy monster of a dog).

The morning brought more fantasy food.  Waffles, fresh cream, berries and bacon.  And delish coffee.  I think we slept over more for me than for my daughter.

Some serious conversation going on

After breakfast we had an impromptu playdate with two lovlies:  Mahalia and Stella.  The moms got to catch up and the girls ran around racing and chasing each other. Best of all for the girls was of course – the blueberry bush.  This Aurora is last year them.

And here they both are this year, they have grown so much!

We are very lucky to have wonderful friends in our life.  Aurora’s godparents provide many enjoyable experiences but more than that they want to be part of her life and to help us mold her to become a wonderful human.

thanks for the great sleepover !

Author: alwayscomeback

Mom of one daughter, always looking for activities and things to do in Vancouver with my family. Check out F.A.B on facebook too

6 thoughts on “The North Shore .. a road trip of sorts

  1. really love your blog! Unite against bordem I say! I found your blog on www, blog list! I was looking at other blogs as mine is down getting fixed 😦 glad I came upon yours would love to share some of your ideas on my blog.

  2. Nice post, Jen. Friends are like family indeed.

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! My mouth was watering reading about the delicious food! The older you get the more you realize that true friends are a rare treasure to hold close to your heart!

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