Always Come Back

There's always something to do in your own backyard, grab a Glass of Rose. I'll be here

I have a Facebook group called Families Against Boredom (F.A.B) where I like to share Vancouver family events I think might be interesting.  My goal for F.A.B is for everyone to have a comfortable place to ask for advice, give advice – a sense of community even if we live in different municipalities. Check it out and join in the conversation.

We are all new to parenting at one point.  Regardless of the debate : living in the city vs. quieter suburbs or small towns. I say make the most of where you live.  I’m lucky to be living in Vancouver.  I can hike, sit at the beach, see great art, and music.  I have access to elite classes or  community courses for my daughter – wherever she ends up – I have access.

There’s so much in our own city to enjoy.  Searching can be overwhelming.  FAB takes a bit of the search out for you.  And you have opinions from other parents… how good is that.  Sometimes we don’t have time to read a whole blog review about an event or park.  F.A.B is quick- as a parent you need quick.

Somedays all I have time for is a quick scan of my Facebook updates on my phone.  I hope Families Against Boredom grows and more people add events they like, or upcoming festivals, great playgrounds.  Please join and lets see where it leads you and me. Families Against Boredom

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Sesame Street Live… Did I go for my daughter or me?

I’m always on the hunt for things to do as a family.  I don’t do this casually, I am quite obsessed. I started Families Against Boredom on Facebook to share my obsessive searching with others.  I am mulling around future plans to make it more.  I’ll save that for another post.  Feel free to check out the Facebook Group, join if you live in Vancouver, I’m sure you’ll benefit and enjoy.

Anyways I bought tickets to Sesame Street Live!  My daughter rarely watches is so this past week I tried to get her to watch the show so she’d be somewhat familiar.  We watched one full episode.  Oh well.  Its a concert and that usually gets her excited. But I grew up watching Sesame Street:

I learned to count to 12 with the pinball game song


Grover taught me about near and far 

And I learned to read by sounding out letters to make words like Hooootttt Doooogggg 

I could go on an on.  Sesame Street is forever engrained in my psyche.

I was excited about getting there early to hit the Playzone.  OVERRATED  or not at all what I expected – There were about a dozen cut out characters that you could take your photo beside.  I have no patience for pushy parents and seeing how my daughter wasn’t impressed with them either we went to our floor seats.

Great seats  Centre stage row 4.  I’ve rarely had such good seats for any adult concert.  Whoo hooo! The lights dim lightly and the show starts.  I thought this was a good way to help little ones adjust to a theatrical show.

And the show began!  I’m not going to lie, my heart rate increased the second I saw Bert and Ernie.  It was like I was 5 years old again at my cousins house in the basement on a Saturday morning – nothing else mattered.  There was Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, Grover, the Count and Cookie Monster.  I wanted to jump up and wave and tell them they made life good.  I wanted to hug them  and thank them for making me feel safe – they were my childhood.

They were real, I mean really real

The show was cute , it had a good theme, and fun dance routines.  It might have been a little long because the last ten minutes of the show I was surrounded by chorus of meltdowns (although the cotton candy vendors made a killing at intermission so i’m sure there sugar crashes didn’t help the 2nd half of the show).  I would have liked more familiar songs but then maybe the songs I know are ..dare I say …OLD… I mean there were characters I didn’t know who they were (Abby, Rosita, Zoe and Baby Bear).  And I wanted to see Snuffleupagus (he’s real now you know!)

Overall – good times were had by all three of us.


Please don’t pee on my head

I planned going to the beach with my daughter all week. I was more excited then she was.

I had this idealistic picture in my head – both of us splashing in the ocean waves, building sandcastles, collecting shells, throwing rocks and sharing an ice cream cone to cool off…

“dream on …dream away”. Yes I just quoted a Color Me Bad song.

Here’s the reality of my time at the beach

I try to unload my two bags and pay for parking while watching her creep closer to the parked cars “stay close don’t step off the grass mommy is paying for parking ” Small panic but she listens.

Get to the edge of the beach-slop on loads of sunscreen – thankfully this goes well cause she gets to smear some on my face and squish my cheeks.

Jump into the sad where she plops down to take her shoes off. Two things to note – sand and fresh sunscreen creates a great shake’n bake coating. And the sand is hot. Two steps in she is crying cause she wants her shoes back on.

Fast forward 15 minutes (shoes back on) Yeah we are at the water. We dig, make ponds and holes and find seashells Back to my dream-like morning at the beach again. Aahhhhhh.

A stop at the playground is good after we get rid of the soggy diaper and she runs around in her shorts sans diaper.

Time to go home for lunch and a nap. Cue the metaphoric dark cloud shooting across the blue sky from out of nowhere and perching itself above us. Ha ha it laughs. She’s hungry but won’t eat the berries or cheese I brought nor will she drink the water (with ice) I packed with love.

I tell her we have to walk – that way (no mention of the car)

“Mommy I go on your shoulders”. She wines. Oh dear god. We’ve started casually potty training but this request rates as high risk and could fair to be rather embarrassing.

I’ve also never hoisted her up or down on my own. But it is the quickest way to get from a to b.

Ok hunny. But remember you DO NOT PEE ON ME! DO NOT PEE ON MY HEAD!

I basically treat her like a kettle bell and do a revised Turkish getup of sorts and she’s on my shoulders. I’m that mom – a nag of sand toys on one shoulder diaper bag on the other, toddler on my shoulders with a slight glint of fear in my eyes.

Please don’t pee on me my inner and sometimes outer voice begs. I make it from the swings to the concession stand wondering if the sweat running down my back is just that or if at any second a trail of pee will join the path thru the layer of sunscreen.

“Mommy I walk now.” Haha take that dark cloud -be gone. No peeing on me!!! Well for today that is.



A Single Child in the City – Never Alone

My daughter is an only child.  Everyone lately tells me she needs a sibling for her own development, so she has a friend, so she won’t be lonely.  sigh… yes I had a great childhood with my brother … but there are lots of things standing in the way of my daughter ever having a sibling.

Without going into a rant ( I”ll leave that up to my husband’s GFYS Rants on his facebook profile) lets just leave it at my daughter is a single child.  Therefore there are times when she is alone.  But does she?  At her age right now she’s never ALONE.

Take today for instance.   A full day at daycare where she played like she was part of a family complete with brothers and sisters arguing and hugging it out all the same.

What about home? Do you picture a child staring out the window begging for eye contact from a passerby.  So not our house.  Tonight she helped me with dinner (well stole veggies as I cut them up.  She played in the wading pool.  Yes that was alone  but we interacted, both of us ended up joyfully cooled down from the hot day.


Shake you bootie Dance Party’s spring up anywhere

After dinner we walked to our local “cheers’ restaurant visited with a good friend working there and the other co-workers who all know us by name.  Small chats with the ladies beside us at the bar where my daughter enjoyed a scoop of ice cream and I had a glass of wine. OH And it was our first time out with her in panties / no diaper and she went and peed in the bathroom there !!!!!   Much applause by patrons at the restaurant.  (hence the ice cream)

On the way home my husband met us and we played tag, hide and seek, and airplanes as a family.  We all had a fabulous time – laughing and being silly regardless of the buses and people rushing by.  The only alone she was – was alone in our own world of love and laughter.

Counting to ten ready or not here I come

The city allow us a multitude of environments to feel a part of many peoples lives, never alone.


What’s in a name…a blog name

One of the harder parts about blogging is coming up with a name. It has to be short, easy to read and have meaning to me. Easy enough right?

Think Think. Think

Hmmmmm. The blogs I follow all have clever names.

So I think some more….Nothingness …there’s my first writers block

A name … more like a phrase slowly creeps up on me. Tingling my fingers, taking over my senses, i close my eyes and let it cuddle warmly around my heart.

Always come back.

Here’s the story:

A few months ago my daughter had a massive meltdown at daycare where she could not be consoled — she wanted her mommy. Nothing could console her – hugs didn’t work, distraction didn’t work, snacks and new games didn’t work. It went on for over half an hour probably 45 minutes.

That night over dinner my two year old and I had a conversation about why she was so sad. I comforted her saying it was ok to be sad but reassured her that every day she’s at daycare mommy and daddy would ALWAYS come back for her ALWAYS

Next day was fantastic. Easy peasy drop off. Great day no major meltdowns.

Fast forward to a bad night with her up at around 1am crying. She ended up in our bed and after playing and giggling under the covers for almost an hour she started to settle back to sleep.

Slowly she snuggled into a blanket of sleep .

Then ever so quietly out of a few minutes of silence comes her sweet whisper of “always come back”. My husband and I look at each other and mouth “did you hear that”.

My heart melted.


It was the most comforting thing she had on her mind as she fell asleep.

I hope readers feel comfortable and always come back to read my blog

That’s my naming of the blog story